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For a long time, I was content to be the best technical person I could be.  I believed that I could trust others to run a business while I provided excellent customer service and worked to remain on the leading edge of technology.

Then came what I call the "dot-com mentality":  a concept of gratuitously spending initially abundant investment dollars, with no regard for structure and profitability.  As time passed, I began to doubt the persons who managed the companies I worked so hard for.

It became evident that there was a better way.

In late 2001, I decided to take on the responsibility of managing both the technical and business sides of providing IT services.  I decided that the key to client satisfaction and business longevity was maximizing responsiveness by keeping a low client ratio, and minimizing overhead by controlling costs.  To this concept I added a proactive approach to IT services, a personal approach to client relations, and a forward-looking approach to new technologies.

I invite you to read more about Silicon Services, and about how we’re different from other IT companies.  And I hope you’ll let us show you.

John Fournier
Founding Partner

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