How We're Different
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Many people in the computer industry seem to have an elitist attitude about their skills — as if no one but they could possibly understand how computers work.  At Silicon Services, we respect that our clients are also experts in their respective industries; and we recognize that using computers is only part of what is necessary for a successful business.

We Speak Your Language

We are confident in our abilities, and we are eager to explain exactly what we are doing and why it’s necessary in easy to understand, plain English.  Computers are not complicated, just detailed.  And anyone can understand them given enough time and interest.

We’re On Your Side

Some providers tend to move in and take over the systems they support.  Clients may not even have administrative access to their own systems.  At Silicon Services, we work with our clients, not just for them.  And you maintain control of your environment at all times.

It’s Not Your Fault

Our clients have told us how other providers are quick to blame problems on “user error”.  In fact, modern systems virtually eliminate user error by design.  About the most a user can do today is lose data — it’s very difficult to “break it”.  At Silicon Services, we quickly eliminate user error as a cause, so there’s time to find the real solution.

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